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Craft Table[edit]

Item Name Skill Required Resources Required
Flour Flour 0 2 Wheat
baked peach cobbler baked peach cobbler 0 1 Uncooked Peach Cobblers
Dough Dough 0 1 Flour,1 milk
baked quiche baked quiche 0 1 Uncooked Quiches
baked meat pie baked meat pie 0 1 Uncooked Meat Pies
sausage pizza sausage pizza 0 1 Uncooked Sausage Pizzas
cheese pizza cheese pizza 0 1 Uncooked Cheese Pizzas
baked fruit pie baked fruit pie 0 1 Uncooked Fruit Pies
baked apple pie baked apple pie 0 1 Uncooked Apple Pies
pan of cookies pan of cookies 0 1 Cookie Mix
baked pumpkin pie baked pumpkin pie 0 1 Unbaked Pumpkin Pies
cooked bird cooked bird 0 1 Raw Birds
chicken leg chicken leg 0 1 Raw Chicken Legs
fish steak fish steak 0 1 Raw Fish Steaks
fried eggs fried eggs 0 1 Eggs
leg of lamb leg of lamb 0 1 Raw Legs of Lamb
cut of ribs cut of ribs 0 1 Raw Ribs
cake cake 0 1 Cake Mix
muffins muffins 0 1 Sweet Dough
bread loaf bread loaf 0 1 Dough
Uncooked Quiches Uncooked Quiches 0 1 Dough,1 Eggs
Sweet Dough Sweet Dough 0 1 Dough,1 Honey
Unbaked Pumpkin Pies Unbaked Pumpkin Pies 0 1 Dough,1 Pumpkin
Uncooked Apple Pies Uncooked Apple Pies 0 1 Dough,1 Apples
Uncooked Peach Cobblers Uncooked Peach Cobblers 0 1 Dough,1 Peaches
Uncooked Fruit Pies Uncooked Fruit Pies 0 1 Dough,1 Pears
Uncooked Cheese Pizzas Uncooked Cheese Pizzas 0 1 Dough,1 Cheese
Uncooked Sausage Pizzas Uncooked Sausage Pizzas 0 1 Dough,1 Sausage
Uncooked Meat Pies Uncooked Meat Pies 0 1 Dough,1 Raw Ribs
Cake Mix Cake Mix 0 1 Flour,1 Sweet Dough
Cookie Mix Cookie Mix 0 1 Honey,1 Sweet Dough
cocoa butter cocoa butter 0 1 cocoa pulp
cocoa liquor cocoa liquor 0 1 cocoa pulp,1 pewter bowl
Dark chocolate Dark chocolate 15 1 sack of sugar,1 cocoa butter,1 cocoa liquor
Milk chocolate Milk chocolate 32.5 1 sack of sugar,1 cocoa butter,1 cocoa liquor,1 milk
White chocolate White chocolate 52.5 1 sack of sugar,1 cocoa butter,1 vanilla,1 milk
awase miso soup awase miso soup 60 1 Raw Fish Steaks,1 milk
red miso soup red miso soup 60 1 Raw Fish Steaks,1 milk
white miso soup white miso soup 60 1 Raw Fish Steaks,1 milk
miso soup miso soup 60 1 Raw Fish Steaks,1 milk
wasabi clumps wasabi clumps 70 1 milk,3 bowl of peas
green tea green tea 80 1 green tea,1 milk
sushi platter sushi platter 90 1 milk,10 Raw Fish Steaks
sushi rolls sushi rolls 90 1 milk,10 Raw Fish Steaks