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Discordance is used to reduce a creature's resistances and skills. The success chance depends on the player's Musicianship and Discordance skills values as well as the bard difficulty of the creature. At 100.0 Discordance, the effect applied is -20%.

The effect will wear off if one of those conditions is met:

  1. The player is out of the range of the creature for more than 15 seconds (at 100.0 Discordance the out of range distance is 14 tiles).
  2. The player dies.
  3. The player becomes invisible (invisibility spell, hiding skill, etc.).


An effective way to train Discordance is to summon a creature, apply Discordance to it and release it.

Skill value Creature
30.0 - 55.0 Grizzly bear
55.0 - 67.5 Fire elemental
67.5 - 100.0 Daemon