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Camping [edit]


The Camping skill is used to logout safely when out in the wilderness. It is almost never used, as even new players logout at a tavern or inn, and so is considered somewhat of a useless skill

In order to create a camp, you require some kindling and a bedroll. Use the kindling to attempt to ignite it. Once done, in about 30 seconds or so, you - and anyone near near you - will receive a message that the camp has been made secure. Anyone who gets the message (not just the person who created the camp) may then use a bedroll to log out instantly by placing it on the ground, unrolling it by double-clicking it, then double-clicking again to receieve a logout confirmation gump.

Unlike logging out at a tavern, inn or player home, logging out successfully with the Camping skill will merely display a Connection Lost message instead of returning the player to the Login screen.



Train to 30 from a NPC Ranger, Provisioner, or Furtrader. Load up with and double-click kindling each time you secure a camp, your skill may be raised.