Skill:Arms Lore

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Arms Lore 


A skill used in the crafting of certain items and to identify the condition of a weapon. However as to the latter use, any character can determine the same information via the item's tooltips.

  • Professional Title:Warrior
  • Maximum Skill possible: 100
  • NPC Trainers: Armorer, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Weapons Trainer
  • Arms Lore, is no longer considered a 'Useless Skill' It now compliments the crafting of armor and weapons in the following ways
  • Gives a +1% Damage Increase bonus to all exceptionally crafted weapons for every 20 skill points (up to +5% at Grandmaster), (1% for every 12.5 points Arms Lore)
  • Gives +1% in a random resistance on exceptionally crafted armor for every 20 skill points (up to +5% at Grandmaster), (1% for every 12.5 points of Arms Lore)

These bonuses apply to all crafted weapons (metal and wood), and armors (Leather, metal and wood)

These Bonuses ALSO stack, or combine with properties achieved through crafting with Runic tools.


Training [edit]


  • 0 - 30:Train at a Blacksmith or Armorer
  • 30 - 100: Activate the skill, see below. It will take roughly 25 hours to reach 100.0 skill. There is a chance to gain every time the skill is used so you do not have to switch your target or move around. Training can be sped up by using a Scroll of Alacrity.