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In Development[edit]

  • Craft BOD's for Alchemy, Carpentry, Cooking, Inscription and Tinkering
  • Automated tournaments
    • Your favorite tournaments including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, FFA, Bomberman, Boxing, and a few new ones! 
  • Power Hours
  • Data exportation for the Wiki
  • A more inclusive wiki system, with craft tables, loot tables, and NPCs automatically exported!
  • Smeltery System
  • We're bringing you ColdfireUO's exclusive alloy system with a new twist on it! 
    • Hint: Keep your rare logs
  • Masonry
  • More depth in world spawns
  • Rare mounts


  • Donations system
  • Farming
  • Gem Armors
  • Duel System
  • Custom housing
  • World Events
  • Paragon Chests