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The goal of this page is to give you an introduction to "Sphere" style PVP (Player vs. Player combat). Sphere style is a fast paced, Magery focused style of PVP. Melee can be used during PVP, but typically Magery will be superior unless under special circumstances. The primary difference between traditional UO PVP and Sphere PVP is you can move while casting spells.


Line of Sight (LOS) & Fizzling[edit]


You must have Line of Sight (LOS) of your target in order to sucessfully cast a spell. Understanding LOS and the timings of spells seperates good PVPers from great PVPers. Each skill has a specific cast time. To properly use LOS - you cast your spell, move out of your oponnent's LOS and regain LOS right before the spell sucessfully casts. See Example GIFs below.


Fizzling means to stop your opponent from sucessfully casting a spell. Fizzling is typically done using low level spells such as Weaken, Magic Arrow, Clumsy, or Feeblemind. More advanced players can use higher level spells to sucessfully fizzle another player. This technique requires a good understanding of spell timings. See Example GIFs below.

Example GIFs[edit]


Spell Timings[edit]


Recommended Macros[edit]


  • Fizzle Spell with Last Target - Magic Arrow, Weaken, Feeblemind, or Clumsy (Recommended: Weaken or Magic Arrow)
  • Fizzle Spell without Last Target (for targeting players)
  • Cure (Self Cast)
  • Poison
  • Lighting or Ice Strike
  • Greater Heal (Self Cast)
  • Paralyze
  • Magic Reflection (Self Cast)
  • Energy Bolt / Mana Tornado / Explosion
  • Flame Strike / Spark
  • Recall (to runebook/rune)


  • Meditation
  • Stealth
  • Tracking
  • Bandage (Self Cast)


  • Mana Potion (.manapotion)
  • Heal Potion (.healpotion)
  • Invis Potion (.invispotion)
  • Explosion (.hitxpot)


  • Last Target
  • Open Door
  • Equip Weapon
  • Target Next
  • All Names


Example Macro Set Up[edit]

You will use all the macros listed above during pvp, but some more than others. You will want your most frequently used macros close together. Everyone has their own way of setting macros up but below is an example macro set up.

  • F1 - Last Target
  • F2 - Fizzle Last Target
  • F3 - Poison
  • F4 - Lightning / Ice Strike
  • F5 - Paralyze
  • F6 - Magic Reflect (Self Cast)
  • F7 - Bandage (Self Cast)
  • F9 - All Names
  • ` - Cure
  • 1 - Greater Heal
  • 2 - Energy Bolt / Mana Tornado
  • 3 - Flame Strike / Spark
  • 4 - Open Door
  • 5 - Equip Weapon
  • Q - Fizzle Spell Without Last Target (For targeting players)
  • Shift + 1 - Drink Heal Potion
  • Shift + 2 - Drink Mana Potion
  • Shift + 3 - Drink Invis Potion
  • Shift + 4 - Hit X Pot
  • Shift + 5 - Target Next



Required Items[edit]

  • Reagents
  • Total Mana Potions
  • Greater Heal Potions
  • Invisibility Potions
  • Explosion Potions
  • Flame Strike / Spark Scrolls (Grandmaster quality)
  • Armor
  • Weapon
  • Bandages
  • Runebook
  • Spellbook




  • Use .xhitpot to escape being Paralyzed
  • Practice using doors for PVP to create/break LOS
  • Lesser Explosions do not fizzle players on the other side of a wall 

3rd Party Programs[edit]

It is highly recommended to use Injection or Orion while pvping. These programs are able to process spell timings faster than in game UO macros. Most high level PVPers use these programs.