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Launcher Download, Install, and Configuration[edit]

Download Launcher[edit]

Link to download launcher (Browser may say site is unsafe but you can ignore)

Configuring Launcher[edit]

Installation Video (Video is for older Orion version but steps are very similar - follow steps below)

Steps 1-4 (image)

1. UO Files Path (or wherever you UOInfinity folder is located): C:\Program Files (x86)\UOInfinity
2. Orion Path (default): C:/Orion Launcher
3. Configure client version > Open Editor
4. Client Version: > Create

Create UO Infinity Profile[edit]

Steps 1-3 (image) / Steps 4-5 (image)

1. Click Add server and type "UO Infinity"
2. Enter the following information into the Editor:

  • Name: UO Infinity
  • Address: play.uoinfinity.com,2593
  • Account: **your choice** (accounts are auto created)
  • Password: **your choice** (accounts are auto created)

3. Add New
4. Click Launch tab
5. Click Launch and login to server

Client Configuration[edit]

Remake UO Macros[edit]

Currently, Orion is bugged so that all your in game UO macros are deleted when you first login. Here are the standard UO macros you'll need to re-create:

  • Ctrl+S - Salute
  • Alt+B - Open Magic Spell Book
  • Alt+C - War/Peace
  • Alt+P - Paperdoll
  • Alt+K - Open Skills
  • Alt+J - Journal
  • Alt+Q - Questlog
  • Alt+i - Open Backpack
  • Alt+R - Open Overview
  • Alt+O - Open Configuration
  • Alt+X - QuitGame
  • Ctrl+B - Bow

Recommended Settings[edit]

Following images are setting I would recommend turning on to have the most enjoyable experience using Orion.

Saving Settings[edit]

Log in and out to temporarily save your Orion/UO settings. Settings will not save if you crash before logging in and out. To fully save your Orion settings, you need to save in 3 seperate sections. You will typically crash after your second save so be sure to log in and out prior to doing any of these saves.

  1. In game UO Options - Orion tab
  2. Orion tray - Profile
  3. Orion tray - Hotkeys

Copy your entire Orion Launcher folder as a backup for your settings. Default location = C:\Orion Launcher


Please join Orion's Discord channel for troubleshooting issues. Hotride is the creator and is very helpful.