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General Questions[edit]

How do I connect to the server?[edit]

Begin by following the steps listed on our installation page. The files provided there will start your adventure with UOInfinity. A patcher utility (Launcher), Razor and Injection come pre-installed.
You will want to run the patcher each time you play, this will provide you with the best playing experience for custom content..

Which commands are accessible to players?[edit]

You can view all the available commands by using the .helpinfo command.

What is the most efficient way to raise my skills?[edit]

Skills are a blend difficulty based increases and repeat use. Crafting lower skill items at a high success rate will continue to gain, but just at a lower % chance per craft. This % chance of skillgain is displayed within the craft menus. There is a minimum chance of 1% skill gain when below Grandmaster skill.

What is the purpose of the young designation?[edit]

All new players will receive a "Young" tag, which is presented above your head. This status does not garuntee that you safe from other players or monsters. However, you do have exclusive access to the young dungeon, where you can be safe from players. As you progress with your time on InfinityUO and gain skills, the Young status will be removed at 450 total skill.

How many accounts and houses may I have?

Each household is allowed two accounts and one house per account. The account limitation per household may be increased if you provide sufficient proof to the administrators.


How do I see which achievements I have completed?[edit]

You can view your achievements by single clicking your character, select the achievements entry. You can read further on achievements here.

Gathering resources and purchasing
Purchasing from NPC requires gold to be within your backpack under the amount of 2k, if higher it's taken straight from your bank.

Gathering ores,logs and fish is available to do AFK, however, remember, doing do in a guarded area, will decrease the amount you gather, as opposed to Non-guarded areas. 

What about hunting?

Hunting is a vital part of InfinityUO, and we currently have such features as 'Dungeon of the day' rare drops are increased in these areas,ehich changes daily. Hunting is also another way to further your crafting skills and knowledge, as recipes are needed to aid the crafting of special items.

New players may want to visit the noobie dungeon from the travel stone, which is safw from player killers.

Travel stone places will be unlocked once you have discovered them, simply enter the town or dungeon to receive an achievement plus a reward.



How do I redeed my boat?[edit]

To redeed your boat, you need to drop anchor by saying "drop anchor", get off boat using the plank and double click the tiller man. A menu will appear asking you if you want to redeed your boat.

Is there anything we've missed?[edit]

Join us in discord, general advice available from all active players, including trade section and nationality specific threads.