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1.15.0 (2019-06-11)[edit]

MVP: We would like to thank Dr.K for his bug reports.

  1. Fix storage books to not give "0" amount items
  2. Daily rares won't spawn on top of another
  3. Deeds obtained from veteran rewards are no longer bound
  4. Jewelries skill bonus cap increased from 10 to 30
  5. Weapon/Spellbook skill bonus cap increased from 10 to 15
  6. Elf items will no longer be randomly unequipped
  7. Mastery Aprons will no longer change skill on world load.
  8. 6 new craftables in the 105-110 range, requiring rare crafting material drop from Mini Champs and a recipe to craft:
    1. Blight Gripped Long Bow, Overseer Sundered Blade, Cap of the Warrior, Bracelet of Primal Consumption, Bramble Coat, Leprechaun Cloak
  9. Scrolls will no longer be consumed when in practice pods or duels with no consume
  10. Fix keys and other items vanishing on world load
  11. Water Elemental can now be summoned again
  12. Thrown potions will now only consume 1 per throw
  13. Containers now show their exceptional status and can be combined in exceptional BOD
  14. Globe can now be exceptional and hold its resource
  15. Runic tools now correctly show their name instead of default tool name
  16. Runic tools now show the number of properties and intensity they can impart

1.14.1 (2019-05-29)[edit]

  1. Fixed bulk order books not being able to retrieve BOD
  2. Shrunken creatures won't turn into empty bottles

1.14.0 (2019-05-29)[edit]

MVP: We would like to thank Xui for improving various spawns around the world!

  1. Daily Rares now have a sparkle effect on their spawn location
    1. Add 4 new Daily Rares (2 hanging armors and 2x tarrot cards)
    2. Fixed two that were unreachable in the center of some large tables
  2. "Fragment of a Map" won't drop anymore
  3. Fix Necro spells always fizzling when cast by monsters
  4. AOS Weapons and Armors are now sellable to vendors, as are some other misc items
  5. Summon Creature gump now only appears once, and allows summoning when you only have 1 control slot available
  6. The free Magery at 70.0 is back! If you have under 70.0, it will be automatically adjusted on next login
  7. Increased skill gain for all skills except Crafting / Harvesting when actively engaging in PvE content
  8. Shrink potions (and all future > GM skill potions) now have base 10% craft chance at minimum skill instead of 0%
  9. Slightly modified the pet control chance formula giving higher animal lore a larger bonus to account for taming not being considered in control chance
  10. New spawns around the world (thanks to Xui)
  11. PvP practice area is now free consume: potions, reagents and bandages will not be consumed when using them here
  12. Your health will no longer drop below 30hp in the PvP practice area
  13. Reduce number of kills required for most mini champ waves
  14. Added Craft BODs for Alchemy, Carpentry, Cooking, Fletching, Inscription and Tinkering
  15. Added Runic Fletching tools
  16. Added Runic Carpentry tools
  17. Added 9 new bow types to Fletching (recipes required)
  18. Added new armors and weapons craftable via Carpentry
  19. New reward titles for avid crafters
  20. Tinkers can now craft jewelry
  21. Runic jewelries will now spawn as loot once again
  22. Mana, Shrink, Restore, Resistance and Intelligence potions now have their own item types (Resistance's still share the same ID for all resists)
  23. Lower the cost of Smithy Power scrolls and Ancient Hammers
  24. Human monsters will now have their clothing/weapons equipped
  25. Bulk Order Books can now be marked Not for Sale so you can sell the contents on a player vendor
  26. Fixed another crash caused by players vendors
  27. The Hold on a ship now can hold 5000, 7500 and 10000 for Small, Medium and Large ships respectively
  28. Rare dyed mounts will show color name in properties


1.13.2 (2019-05-19)[edit]

  1. Fixed crash caused by players vendors

1.13.1 (2019-05-19)[edit]

  1. Fixed crash caused by mini champions spawns
  2. Fixed crash caused by young dungeon

1.13.0 (2019-05-17)[edit]

MVP: We would like to thank Wishart for his work on improving the maps (fixing bad tiles, designing new areas, etc.)!

  1. Resistances can be lowered for PvP without a server restart (disabled for now)
  2. + Skill on spellbooks, weapons and jewelries will now allow going over skillcap
  3. Cooking and Item ID now have a sound
  4. Bulk order books can be dyed with book dye tubs
  5. Poison Field and Energy Field now make their intended sound
  6. Mastery clothing now has different hues based on the skill bonus
  7. Loot experience has been adjusted:
    1. Lesser rares will have a lesser sparkle animation and sound (statues, decoration, runebook charges, armors, weapons, recipes, slayer instruments, treasure maps, alacrity, and transcendence scrolls)
    2. Certain items will no longer appear in a treasure bag (statues, decoration, and runebook charges)
  8. More new spawns (thanks to Miki and Rooster!)
  9. Fixed server crash caused by guards
  10. Removed race requirements from items
  11. Ores can now be placed in commodity deeds
  12. Runic instruments and runic weapons will no longer roll Slayer.None
  13. Spirit speak can no longer heal through mortal strike
  14. Storage books:
    1. Stored amount now shows correctly
    2. Updated texts in GUI to better reflect their meaning
    3. Different hues based on type of book
    4. The minimum crafting chance is now 10%
  15. Animal lore gump will now show bonding status
  16. Paralyze Field:
    1. Paralyzes mobiles it hits
    2. Paralyzes players who teleport/recall into it
  17. Magery PvE update:
    1. Fixed an issue where slayer damage was not being calculated for spells
    2. Re-enabled scribe and eval intelligence damage bonuses for spells cast against monsters
  18. Changed the formula of gold charged per day from player vendors: SUM(item -> Min(item.Value, 500))
    1. The value of an item is 0.5% of its selling price
    2. The value of an item is capped at 500 gold (This means that any item listed for more than 100 000 will have a value of 500)
  19. Rescaled smithy BOD points to reflect the difficulty in filling a large
  20. Accepting a BOD will always put it in the player's backpack even if exceeding maximum weight
  21. Allow skills gains up to 70.0 in young dungeon
  22. Paragon drop changes:
    1. The following items will drop in greater amounts: gold, scrolls, gems, potions and reagents.
    2. Runic weapons/armors/instruments and treasure maps will be one level higher
  23. Dropped runic weapons/armors have a chance to be of exceptional quality
  24. Fix larger potion kegs craft chance
  25. Add wrestling hit chance to config, and reduce by 20% for pvp (temporarily fix till PvP rework)
  26. Mini Champion Spawns: kill 3 waves of increasingly difficult monsters to summon a mini champion
    1. Minotaurs have moved into the Lost Lands, kill enough of their numbers and Meraktus The Tormented shall rise
    2. A Renowned Fire Daemon has been spotted roaming the Volcanic areas in the Lost Lands. Kill his minions to summon him
  27. Map changes:
    1. Knossos now has a graveyard
    2. Windir now has a graveyard
    3. New PvP practice pods
    4. Minoc main building was imported next to the stables in Ninos


  1. Fixed an issue with teleporters/gate travel and boat planks triggering when teleported onto

1.12.1 (2019-05-06)[edit]

  1. Fixed a bug where monsters did not have a delay between spells
  2. Fixed a bug where monsters did not need LoS to start casting a spell (only finish it)
  3. Fixed some monsters showing "Level 0"
  4. Wizard hats will no longer spawn with non mage skills
  5. To adjust to the new monsters difficulty, drop rates for rares were raised

1.12.0 (2019-05-05)[edit]

MVP: We would like to thank Teto for his contributions on dungeons spawns (Hythloth & Despise)!

  1. Creatures that are considered always murderer (ex: frenzies ostards) won't get automatically killed by guards if their owner is blue
  2. New Veteran rewards: +25, +50, +100 backpack item limit
  3. New House decoration related to veteran rewards
  4. Removed "Direct Damage" from ores and replaced with scaling bonus damage per tier
  5. Fixed some fields spells not using their configured timer for duration (poison field, wall of stone and energy field)
  6. Wall of stone duration increased to 60 seconds (up from 30 seconds)
  7. Bone Machete stats tweaked to be more useful
  8. Scaling for large Smith bods modified to weight number of items higher
  9. Fixed Fluctuating/Volatile orbs that could set skill to 0.0 on tier 1 mastery clothes
  10. Lower Mana Cost now works
  11. Runebook charge deeds will no longer be consumed when used on a book at full charges
  12. Potions can no longer be drank if Paralyzed
  13. Tracking range increased 10 tiles at GM skill, Now 100% chance to track unless the other player has higher skills, at which point every point is worth 2% chance to avoid tracking
  14. Can no longer finish spell casts in NZ
  15. Items requiring a recipe are now visible in craft gumps
  16. Fixed bug that prevented decoding level 4 treasure maps
  17. Auction displays names for SpecialScrolls correctly
  18. Added a toggle to hide players names in tournament arenas
  19. World daily rares added around the world 9 in total
  20. Disable Target validation for Spell targets. Possible fix for target issues some people experience.
  21. Fixed Zero damage causing fizzles
  22. Power scrolls need to be used incrementally (102.5 => 105.0 => 107.5 => 110.0)
  23. Fix crafting of materials that require more than GM skill
  24. Monsters now cast spells
  25. Changed Meditation formula slightly, ManaRegen property now works correctly
  26. Bandages when used while bleeding will now tick before the next bleed tick and remove the bleed (no damage will be healed)
  27. Gargoyle Pickaxe's will now correctly spawn ore elementals again

1.11.1 (2019-04-25)[edit]

  1. Lowered the maximum amount of damage magic arrow spell to 3 (down from 5)
  2. Weapon Abilities no longer require Bushido/Ninjitsu.
  3. If you reflect a spell while casting you will no longer be fizzled.
  4. Eval will no longer gain when targeting your self with spells.
  5. Lifting an Item, Shoving or being shoved will no longer fizzle spells.
  6. Spirit Speak formula fixed, Higher skill means higher heals now.
  7. Spirit Speak will no longer give Eval and Magery gains.
  8. Transmutation/Volatile/Erratic/Fluctuating Orbs drop rate adjusted to 2x the rate of mastery clothes
  9. TreasureMaps will now spawn for the correct Facet, Level 1 Chests can now be lockpicked correctly.
  10. Attempt at fixing server crash from calling guards
  11. "i must consider my sins" will now tell you how much time left until next decay
  12. Kill decay timer is now configurable

1.11.0 (2019-04-18)[edit]

  1. Easter 2019 event! (ends May 1st 2019)
    1. Between 2019-04-19 12:00:00 and 2019-04-30 23:59:59: login to claim your easter 2019 gift box (only accounts created before April 5th are eligible)
    2. Collect eggs from monsters and exchange them for rewards
  2. Fixed Vesper bridges' regions
  3. Paragon version of monsters are not tamable
  4. Only monsters with a level have a chance to spawn as paragon
  5. Map fixes & improvements
  6. Items can now be dropped at your feet
  7. Bakers now sell cooking tools
  8. Armor has received some rebalancing
    1. Platemail now has 15 base resists up from 13 to match other armor types
    2. Helmets now provide similar resists no matter the design (norse and plate will provide same base resists)
    3. Cloth hats have received a small nerf to their base resists
    4. Shields have been normalized to provide a small base amount of resists across all shield types
    5. Leather armor is now T1, 2, 3 instead of 1.5, 2.5, 3.5
  9. Fixed Mana Tornado damage
  10. Parried hits will now show in combat log
  11. Casting spell under invisibility spell/potion will display the mantra as system message for nearby players
  12. Explosion potion damage will reveal hidden players
  13. Monsters won't go into the stones area in young dungeon
  14. Lowered the strength of monsters in young dungeon
  15. You must now use the harvest tool you have equipped
  16. Added treasure maps to loot
    1. Chest can be dug with a shovel (single click treasure map)
    2. Every treasure chest is guaranteed to have a rare of the corresponding level
    3. Required cartography to decipher maps:
      1. Level 1: 70
      2. Level 2: 80
      3. Level 3: 90
      4. Level 4: 100
      5. Level 5: 110
      6. Level 6: 120
    4. Required lockpicking to open chests:
      1. Level 1: 70
      2. Level 2: 80
      3. Level 3: 90
      4. Level 4: 100
      5. Level 5: 110
      6. Level 6: 120
    5. Beware of the guardians!
  17. Increased the drop rate of mastery clothes

1.10.0 (2019-04-08)[edit]

  1. Changed Protection to give 3 to 7 armor (based on magery)
  2. Harvesting with skill over 100.0 will now have a chance to yield rare resources that require > 100.0 skill
  3. Beneficial actions cast from a blue to a red/grey will trigger a criminal action
  4. Veteran Rewards
    1. Visit a veteran NPC to access the rewards
    2. 1 point is gained for every hour online
    3. Current rewards:
      1. Crafting recipes
      2. +25/50/75/100 permanent luck
      3. Ethereal horse/llama/ostard
      4. "The Veteran" title
  5. Dungeon of the day now increases loot chance by 200% (up from 150%)
  6. Vesper region rework
    1. Regions outside bridges are no longer guarded
    2. Bridges are now half heavily guarded (only inner parts are heavily guarded)
  7. Frostwood logs are now harvestable with Lumberjacking
  8. Area spells have limited range against players in houses
  9. Gate travel spell will make a sound at the caster's location
  10. Pack llamas can now be unstabled from a stable master
  11. Archery buttes will now allow gains up to 25.0 skill
  12. Mining can now be disabled by region
  13. New property on armors: Spell Penetration. It allows spells to ignore the target's resistances.
    1. All crafted armors have a base spell penetration value
    2. Runic armors can add extra spell penetration
    3. Negative resistances were removed
  14. Fixed a bug that made spells do less damage than intended
  15. Paragon system
    1. Chance to spawn a paragon version of a monster is 1%
    2. Paragon version of a monster is significantly stronger
    3. Paragon version of a monster has 5x chance to drop rare
  16. Configurable paragon & dungeon of the day drop multiplier

1.9.1 (2019-04-02)[edit]

  1. Fix server crash on crafting tools


1.9.0 (2019-04-02)[edit]

  1. Launcher will now notify if a file is in use while patching
  2. Two pets from the same owner won't trigger a criminal action when attacking each other
  3. Cooking now cooks one by one instead of the whole stack
  4. Title System: Accessible by clicking your character and clicking "Show Title Menu"
    1. Titles can be configured for paperdoll (prefix/suffix), overhead suffix, and subtitle
    2. Guild titles have also been included as part of "subtitle" category
    3. Soundgarden has been awarded the title "First Lord" for winning our first 1v1 tournament
  5. Command .countreags will no longer have amounts on a new line when the amount is high
  6. Monster that dies under provocation will have their loot impacted by the provoker's luck
  7. Reworked spawns in shame and despise
  8. Added mustang spawns
  9. Fixed server crash when creating blood
  10. Using a scroll of transcendence to reach 100.0 in a skill will now trigger the corresponding achievement
  11. Fixed server crash with auction system
  12. Message in combat log if out of ammunitions with ranged weapon
    1. You must have use ".combatlog" to enable the message
  13. Bonus stats from the cloth piece are properly included in the "bonus stat" description
  14. Harbor Masters, Actors, GuildMasters no longer karma grey on spawn
  15. Loot won't be generated for creatures that have no corpse (ex: Shadow Fiend)
  16. Empty kegs won't create a nightsight potion anymore when targeting an empty bottle
  17. Bones will now drop from undead monsters
  18. Greater Restore potions now require 75.1 Alchemy and an extra Mandrake Root
  19. Harmful actions against ghosts won't flag as criminal
  20. Carving a body is now a criminal action, but looting a carved body is not
  21. Stealing: Criminal actions are now only witnesed by those in line-of-sight
    1. Failed: you are marked as criminal, witnesses are notified and may call gaurds on you
    2. Successful: you are marked as a criminal, witnesses are not notified, but may still call gaurds on you
  22. Snooping: Criminal actions are now only witnesed by those in line-of-sight
  23. Removed several restrictions on moongates:
    1. It is possible to use moongates while casting a spell
    2. It is possible to use moongates while being criminal
    3. It is possible to use moongates while in combat
  24. Alias .ai added for .auctioninfo
  25. Assassin vendor now responds to bribe speech, and has Bribe context menu
  26. Page Queue message fixed
  27. Bowers now buy Composite Bows
  28. Bolt of cloth weight matches cloth now
  29. Field spells no longer effect ghosts
  30. Added wiki command to open our wiki page in your web browser
  31. Added "add friend" and "remove friend" commands for houses
  32. Added a message when attempting to ressurect a dead bonded pet with ressurection spell
  33. Tool usage now scales closer to resource rarity
  34. 4 Ores now provide a luck bonus when crafted with (Copper, Silver, Golden and Platinum)
  35. Leather armors have had their resists tuned to closer match their tier
  36. Changes to 0-damage harmful spells (weaken, paralyze, etc.):
    1. They will now trigger criminal action
    2. They will now fizzle bandaging

1.8.0 (2019-03-24)[edit]

  1. Tinkering stage achievement now counts tools for progress
  2. Slighly adjusted achievement gump position
  3. Bonded pets can once again be ressed by highly skilled Vet's.
  4. Newbied items won't move to corpse on death
  5. Arcane charges are now consumed if not enough reagents
  6. All arcane clothes were converted from newbied to cursed (players will keep them, but they will be lootable and can't be blessed)
  7. Spawned mailboxes throughout the world
  8. Fixed many cosmetic map glitches in the Despise passage way area
  9. Puzzle and Treasure chests loot adjusted.
  10. +Skill will no longer spawn on 'runic' jewels
  11. Player house vendors
  12. New command to drink refresh potions: .refreshpotion
  13. Renamed Energy to Electric on all items
  14. Double clicking your body won't instant loot all the items
  15. Fixed server crash when a save occured at the same time as someone was creating an auction
  16. Fixed auction item disappearing on server restart
  17. Auction fee is now 10%
  18. The free magery at 70 has ended
  19. Potion kegs changes:
    1. Regular potion kegs now hold up to 250 potions
    2. Added medium potion kegs (100.0 tinkering) which can hold up to 1500 potions (require recipe)
    3. Added large potion kegs (110.0 tinkering) which can hold up to 5000 potions (require recipe)
    4. A keg will be the same color as the potion
    5. Moved the potion type to the item properties
  20. Sea creatures will no longer spawn on land
  21. Fixed name of items when pressing ctrl+shift
  22. Shade: Allow importing of colors schemes from
  23. Players will now lose fame when using a resurrection stone
  24. Cliffs in Britain have been adjusted
  25. Added new Tailor Bod Rewards ( Hued Cloth and Sandals )
  26. Rebalanced Tailor bod rewards
  27. Added a "vote" command to ease the process
  28. Fire Temple spawns should no longer get stuck under stairs or in lava
  29. Fixed various cosmetic issues at Fire Temple
  30. Added stairs to Britain Sewers and a few small cosmetic changes
  31. New towns spawned: Frostbite Bay, Knossos, Windir and Thebes.
    1. Their corresponding town discovery achievement have been added
    2. Their surrounding have been spawned with wild life and monsters
    3. Added the new towns on the travel stone
      1. Guarded: Windir
      2. Unguarded: Frostbite Bay, Knossos and Thebes
  32. Fix add/edit calendar gump and name change gump not reading proper text entries
  33. Sub regions in heavily guarded regions are also heavily guarded
  34. Terathan Keep entrance spawns should no longer spawn on the hill
  35. You can now visit an assassin to reduce your murder counts, but remember, they don't work for free!

1.7.0 (2019-03-18)[edit]

  1. New login gump on main screen
  2. Removed login stats + test message
  3. Auction: the resource of the item will be shown, if applicable
  4. Items must now be in bank to be auctioned
  5. Heatmap command
  6. "Show Guild Title" is enabled by default
  7. Can now change your account password with .password <newpass> <confirm>
  8. Fix server crash caused by auction
  9. Refresh auction gump on new bid and new auction
  10. Show tile left until an event
  11. Fixed crash while mining stone and ore.
  12. Filter out the " in shout caused by Stealth client
  13. Reactive Armor rework
    1. Reactive armor now correctly displayed the reflected amount when you hover over the buff
    2. Reactive armor reflects 1-5 chaos damage based on magery
    3. Added effect for reactive armor
  14. Explosion rework
    1. Max Damage = 20 Min Damage = 10 (Now configurable without a restart)
    2. Explosions can now hurt blues who aren't directly targetted
    3. Explosion levels now affect max range, damage between min and max are calculated based on range.
    4. Explosions are no longer stackable.
  15. All properties of an item will be hidden if the item is not identified
  16. Numerous Mobiles have had their Level adjusted to further match their difficulty.
  17. A number of highend mobiles have had their taming requirments adjusted, including Wyvren that are now 100 skill.
  18. Raised the drop rate of mastery clothes
  19. Changed the text when demolishing a house (it now says the deed will be placed in bank instead of gold)
  20. Chat ban will be removed automatically once expired
  21. Added thief to Buccaneer's Den
  22. Fixed crash in tournament regions
  23. Animal Lore rework
    1. Can now be used on monsters
    2. It now uses the same difficulty calculation than Discordance and Provocation
  24. Item rarity has been introduced:

=> Junk => Poor Common => Common Level1, Decoration => Uncommon Level2, => Magical Level3, Rare => Rare Level4, => Epic Level5, => Legendary Level6, => Mythical - Decorations were previously in their own rarity. They are now considered Uncommon, but have an additional "Decoration" indicator. - Ores/Ingots now have a rarity based on their tier.

  1. Bankers will respond to criminals in unguarded areas
  2. Killing someone in your party won't flag as criminal and won't award murder kills
  3. Achievements
    1. Added: Tinkering achievements

1.6.0 (2019-03-12)[edit]

  1. Mounts will start to wander when their owner die
  2. House parts will correctly stack & unstack
  3. You can now use the client shortcut "," to shout
  4. Mobiles won't block path when recalling
  5. Greater resistances potions now require a recipe
  6. Crafted scrolls consider inscription AND magery of the crafter to get the level
  7. Decorations will show "Decoration" instead of "Rare"
  8. 1% minimum skill gain chance won't apply above 100.0
  9. New characters won't be stuck in NZ after creating if there was already at least one character on the account
  10. Remove faction traps from tinkering
  11. Harvesting in guarded regions will be less effective (higher timer + lower resources per strike)
  12. Added mines on new islands to house placement distance check.
  13. Added .countreags
  14. Added shortcuts for all the pvp commands, check .helpinfo for more information
  15. Added .hitxpot to automatically cast magic arrow on a xpot in your bag. (bypasses target so it won't mess up your last target)
  16. New travel gates animations
  17. Update vendor spawners to help prevent escaping their buildings
  18. Changed foot stools to stools in decoration so they can be sat upon
  19. Achievements
    1. Added: Inscription achievements
    2. Added: Tailoring achievements.
    3. Fixed: Fletching achievements.
      1. Crafted amounts will now count towards total completion (i.e: 100 arrows = 100 on progress).
      2. Rescaled crafting requirements for arrows/bolts.
  20. Creatures are not dispelled anymore
  21. Added .discord to launch our discord invite link in your web browser
  22. Ash logs now turn into ash boards
  23. Added wrong to travelstone
  24. Hedge maze secret entrance is passable along with a few cosmetic fixes
  25. Decayed/carved corpses will not flag player as criminal when looted
  26. Snooping
    1. Snooping players won't make a player criminal
    2. Guards will be called after a few times a NPC notices you snooping into their backpack. Currently, it's 5 times within 3 minutes.
  27. Drag/drop delay is now configurable
  28. Tiller man will remind you that items on boat will decay
  29. Exceptional clothing, tools and instruments will sell for slightly more
  30. Increased the drop chance of runic weapons/armors/instruments
  31. Several rares considered lesser will not appear in treasure bags
  32. Guild's abbreviation is shown after the player name
  33. All log types now work with fletching.
  34. Updated Carp/Fletching gumps to include boards in the available resource count.
  35. Exporting chat to SQL

1.5.1 (2019-03-08)[edit]

  1. Fixes calculation to use current stage, rather than total progress

1.5.0 (2019-03-08)[edit]

  1. Mining and Lumberjacking now correctly randomize veins on respawn rather than reverting to iron
  2. Nujel'm regions are now unguarded
  3. Nujel'm is now listed as unguarded in travel stone
  4. Stones (travel, bank, resurrection) now require line of sight
  5. Added forge in mines
  6. Fix potions names
  7. Total mana potions now require 115.0 alchemy for 100% success chance (down from 125.0)
  8. Daggers can be used to harvest kindlings
  9. Tweaked drop chance of various rares
  10. Added various statistics in the help menu
  11. Can't use stuck option from jail
  12. Disabled "home home home" from jail
  13. Disabled crafting in jail
  14. Disabled chat in jail
  15. Disabled auction in jail
  16. Added slayer instruments to loot
  17. Low quality instruments have less uses
  18. Added item rarity on all rares
  19. Pets won't follow their dead master anymore
  20. Vendors won't accept more than 1000 gold dropped on them
  21. Raised the tracking distance
  22. Attacking someone in a guarded zone will make you criminal to the whole area
  23. You can now attack your own pets without going criminal
  24. Britain bank has received an upgrade with rooftop access
  25. Achievements
    1. Added: Server wide and time specific achievements, see '100 PLAYERS'
    2. Fixed: Staged crafting achievements did not give credit after 1st stage.
      1. Players affected by the bug will have progress approximated.
    3. Fixed: Staged crafting achievements did not declare champions.
    4. Fixed: Staged achievements did not properly announce progress.

1.4.0 (2019-03-06)[edit]

  1. Achievements
    1. Added: Fletching Achievements
    2. Added: Die A Hundred Deaths
    3. Added: Killing them Softly
  2. Animals/Summons will now share notoriety with their owners.
  3. Guards will attack NPCs who's owners are criminal, or a murderer.
  4. Bulk order books are now craftable with inscription
  5. When buying items from vendor that are too much to carry, it will now make a drop sound
  6. Fix guarded sub regions in Jhelom and Wind
  7. AI update - Monsters will now attack summoned creatures.
  8. Blank scrolls now weigh same as spell scrolls
  9. Players are not frozen anymore when using a stone. However, to click on any of the button they need to be within 2 tiles of that stone.
  10. Tailors will buy body sash
  11. .unnewbie gump shows accurate information
  12. Scrolls never fizzle
  13. Scrolls won't raise Magery

1.3.0 (2019-03-05)[edit]

  1. Require active gate guardian scroll to double click moongates
  2. Removed Lord British and Blackthorne castle guards
  3. Jhelom is now listed as unguarded in travel stone
  4. Fix refresh and total refreshment names.
  5. Achievements
    1. Added: Get To the Point
    2. Added: Bash It Out
    3. Added: A Bit of a Reach
    4. Added: Alchemy Achievements
    5. Added: Daily Voting Achievements
  6. Reduced requirements of many blacksmithing achievements from 5000 items to 1000 items.
  7. Gold dropped will drop in random positions in the bank
  8. It is possible to gain skill even if success chance is 100%
  9. BOD gold reward is equals to the sum of all the items sell prices
  10. Monsters killed with provocation will count towards the player's kills
  11. Monsters killed with summons will count towards the player's kills
  12. Monsters killed with pets will count towards the player's kills
  13. Bows found on archers are identified
  14. Reduced the amount of arrows dropped from archers
  15. Adjust various NPC training to cover all skills

1.2.2 (2019-03-04)[edit]

  1. Fixed server crash with mail system
  2. Crashfix when cutting corpses
  3. Bugfix on players automatically calling guards when witnessing criminal action (only NPCs do now)

1.2.1 (2019-03-03)[edit]

  1. Can only gain magery on successful cast
  2. Show restart gump on planned restart

1.2.0 (2019-03-03)[edit]

  1. Fixed parchments not saving on world save
  2. Prevent house placement near mines or dungeons
  3. Show gold count on admin gump
  4. Crafting categories for each crafting table (work in progress)
    1. Added: Overlord's Glory (Blacksmith)
    2. Added: Let the Daggers Hit the Floor (Blacksmith)
    3. Added: Hey Let Me Axe You Something (Blacksmith)
  5. Close bank/travel stone gumps when using bank or travel stone
  6. Console will also output to file
  7. Monsters always drop gold
  8. Added resistances potions (lesser, normal and greater for physical, fire, cold poison and energy)
  9. Potions, scrolls, armors, weapons and recipes will drop more
  10. New player statistic: rares found
  11. New command: .opendoor
  12. Delete web/ folder before generating it
  13. Gold will stack with existing stack when dropped with the bank stone
  14. Minimum skill gain chance of 1%
  15. Dead players can't complete discovery and exploration achievements
  16. Colored success chance/skill gain chance in crafting gump
  17. Weight of bloody bandage reduced to 0.1
  18. Vendors won't buy unidentified items
  19. Added gems to loot:
    1. Level 1: amber, citrine
    2. Level 2: ruby, tourmaline
    3. Level 3: amethyst, emerald, sapphire
    4. Level 4: star sapphire
    5. Level 5: diamond
  20. Removed jewelries from Tinkering

1.1.2 (2019-03-02)[edit]

  1. Fixed Crash relating to RevealingAction

1.1.1 (2019-03-02)[edit]

  1. Fix Moonglow docks guarded area.
  2. Adjusted costs of tailoring resources
  3. East Britain waiter in tailor shop is now a tailor.
  4. Dungeon of the day is now displayed on Travel stone

1.1.0 (2019-03-02)[edit]

  1. Can use travel stone to free zones without gold
  2. Show 0%/0% skill gain chance when the player can't craft an item
  3. Get bloody bandages back when using bandages
  4. Reduced value of ingots and logs
  5. Slowed Lumberjacking and Mining a bit
  6. Changed the price of the following items: wool, cotton, hides and raw foods (ribs, lamb legs, chicken legs and birds)

1.0.2 (2019-03-02)[edit]

  1. Changed prices of fishes
  2. Added teleporters to Britain and Minoc in End of Time
  3. Fixed healing potions names
  4. Added countdown on travel stones in Young Dungeon
  5. Instant travel stone for staff member
  6. Monsters in Young Dungeon are now easier
  7. Reduced the price of feathers
  8. Lowered the amount of feathers birds give
  9. Carving stuff works
  10. Plate armors now have low elemental resistances
  11. Fix server crash on selling items

1.0.1 (2019-03-01)[edit]

  1. Added logging for all gold generation

1.0.0 (2019-03-01)[edit]

  1. Generation of craft tables for website
  2. Generation of resources tables for website
  3. Generation of magery spells for website
  4. New player statistics: ores, logs and fishes harvested
  5. Fixed name of explosion potions
  6. Harmful spells that do not deal damage directly (Weaken, Poison before it ticks, etc.) fizzle bandaging/casting
  7. Logs of all items sold/bought to vendors
  8. Removed treasure maps from fishing until they're balanced
  9. New command .combatlog to toggle display of hit/miss messages
  10. Removed damage bonus from lumberjacking while using an axe
  11. Damage with weapons reduced by 50% in PvP
  12. Revamped the BOD rewards gump
  13. Added context menu of vendors that support BOD to open rewards gump
  14. Fixed bug where it would reset tailor BOD points when turning in smith BOD and vice versa
  15. Regions for 1v1/2v2, FFA and boxing arenas
  16. Decorate commands will clean previously generated decorations before generating again
  17. Logs for bulk order deeds (accepted, completed and claimed rewards)
  18. Skill gain factor configurable per skill in Skills.cfg
  19. Removed teleports to Painted Caves and Sanctuary
  20. Fixed generation of web data not using the correct MUL files
  21. Launcher Fixed bug where the launcher had to be run several times to update files
  22. Remove certain items from fillable containers that spawn throughout the world
  23. Play sound when a ridable is mounted
  24. Guards can now be called on NPCS
  25. Guards can be called from out of Town
  26. Monsters no longer spawn loot when killed by guards
  27. Casting helpful spells / abilities on murders or criminals will now flag you criminal to any witnesses.
  28. Flagged Resurrect as a beneficial spell
  29. Loot Logs added to SQL

0.2.0 (2019-02-26)[edit]

  1. .resources now gives GM scrolls (flamestrike + spark) and 25 bandages
  2. Fixed scrolls losing their cast skill
  3. It is possible to get off a boat when running
  4. Removed crate in Minoc's main building
  5. Redesigned several buildings in Cove (alchemist, mage and bowyer), Minoc (alchemist, mage and scribe), Buccaneer's Den (alchemist, mage and shipwright) and Britain (barber)
  6. Added missing water tiles
  7. Added skeletons spawns in young dungeon

0.1.0 (2019-02-20)[edit]

  1. The values from spells/potions that increase str/dex/int have been adjusted:
    1. Single stat spell buff (Strength/Agility/Cunning/): +10
    2. Multiple stats spell buff (Bless): +5
    3. Single stat spell debuff (Clumsy/Feeblemind/Weaken): -15
    4. Multiple stats spell debuff (Curse): -10
    5. Regular potion: +5
    6. Greater potion: +10
  2. New craftable Intelligence potions
  3. Show target on all weapons double click
  4. Targeting with weapon will make you attack the target only if war mode is enabled
  5. Removed board from Carpentry menu (use axe on logs)
  6. Crafting with boards instead of logs works properly
  7. Magic arrow on an explosion potion won't fizzle if it damages the caster
  8. Gate's color depends on the target location: red if unguarded and blue if guarded
  9. Removed standing delay on gates
  10. Added craftable gate guardian scroll
  11. Confirmation gump when stepping in gate will only appear if you have a gate guardian active
  12. Every loot generated is logged
  13. Automatic backups after world save
  14. Using bandages while bandaging won't cancel previous bandaging
  15. Removed message "Calling G" when calling guards

0.0.8 (Hotfixes) (2019-02-18)[edit]

  1. Unable to open doors while dead now.
  2. Moving out of invis no longer fizzles your spell you're casting
  3. Beneficial spells no longer reveal you when you are invisible.
  4. Guards can be called on murderers
  5. Reduced range NPCs will call guards on murderers to 4 tiles
  6. Guards will no longer chase & attack people outside of a guarded area
  7. Guards will no longer spawn on people outside of a guarded area
  8. Innocent NPCs will now add a kill count to people who have harmed them when they die
  9. Attacking an NPC will cause them to call guards
  10. Human NPCs in a guarded area that witness a crime will now automatically call guards.
  11. Fixed Potion Effects (from being above your head)
  12. Can no longer use items while paralyzed
  13. Paralyze Effect Added
  14. Paralyze now fizzles target.
  15. Paralyze can only be applied to a target who is not currently paralyzed (Will not refresh timer)


  1. Fixed an issue resolving LOS towards "up" portions of the map. Resolves various cases around Ninos.

0.0.8 (2019-02-18)[edit]

  1. Summon spells do not "fizzle" on success
  2. Removed instant logout everywhere, except in NZ
  3. Casting while invisible will not always fizzle
  4. Spells requiring a target item (mark, recall, etc.) don't always show "You lost sight of the target"
  5. Explosion potions are no longer consumed before being thrown
  6. Fix server crash when a mobile dies from a bleed attack tick

[Criminal System]

  1. No longer auto flagged criminal after performing a criminal task.
  2. After becoming criminal to someone (so they can call guards on you) you will be notified.
  3. CriminalTo flags persist through death.
  4. If you're caught snooping/stealing/looting, the entire area will 'witness' you commit a crime so they can call guards.
  5. Calling guards will flag everyone who is criminal to you as criminal, so others can attack and call guards.


  1. Added heavily guarded areas (instakill)
  2. Removed instakill in normal guarded areas.
  3. Fixed calling guards.

0.0.7 (2019-02-17)[edit]

  1. Fixed attacking message saying "You are attacking (your name)"
  2. Fixed server crash on boot (missing Serial constructor on EmptySkinDyeBottle)
  3. Towns and dungeons are disabled on the travel stone until the player visits the location
  4. Reduced gold rewards from achievements
  5. New skill achievements: legendary (110)
  6. New items weights:
    1. Parchment is now 0.5 (down from 1.0)
    2. Map is now 0.2 (down from 1.0)
    3. Empty bottle is now 0.2 (down from 1.0)
    4. Potion is now 0.5 (down from 1.0)
    5. Scroll is now 0.2 (down from 1.0)
  7. Removed access to the Solen Hive
  8. Cemetery of NuJel'm is now spawned
  9. Wrestling makes sound on hit
  10. Fix server crash when a mobile is dispelled from an attack
  11. Added .gc/.guild and .ac/.alliance for guild chat and alliance chat
  12. Poison tick doesn't reveal the player (invisibility spell/potion)
  13. Emote every time poison ticks (instead of every 2 ticks)
  14. Reduced the poison level applied on a player if the source is another player
  15. It is possible to poison a weapon again once it reaches 0 charge
  16. Visual effect and sound when drinking potions
  17. Mastery clothes can make the player's skill go higher than skill cap
  18. Sturdy pickaxes give the right mining bonus (can go higher than skill cap)
  19. Negative resistances properly show & apply
  20. Added stones to Delucia and Papua
  21. Display time left when using the stuck option from the help menu
  22. Receiving damage while using the stuck option cancels the request
  23. Magic Arrow spell only requires Sulfurous Ash
  24. Added sparkscroll command
  25. Fixed server crash when opening boards book with regular log stored
  26. Fixed displayed name of boards in boards book
  27. It is now impossible to have more than one storage book gump open
  28. Staff name's color is now yellow
  29. Player in a guild won't see their own name's color green
  30. Leather is only dyeable with leather dye tubs
  31. Spell won't land if the target is not visible or is too far
  32. Casting a spell from a scroll doesn't require magery
  33. Reduced mana required to craft scrolls
  34. Reduced the fizzle rate on magery spells
  35. Scrolls now have a level (used to determine the effect)
  36. Bandaging while casting a spell will fizzle
  37. Weapons can't swing while casting a spell
  38. Fixed mining drop rates
  39. Added armors/weapons properties on leather/woods
  40. Removed some loot from treasure map chests
  41. Fixed server crash when attempting to snoop a container with 0 snooping
  42. Ice strike now takes 15 mana (up from 3)
  43. Lightning now takes 15 mana (up from 4)
  44. Ebolt is now physical (from energy)

0.0.6 (2019-02-08)[edit]

  1. Display a message when trying to tame a summoned creature
  2. Bowcraft works when the player has more than one kind of logs in his backpack
  3. Bandaging is allowed while moving
  4. Meditation is allowed while moving
  5. Paralyzed mobiles will have a yellow health bar
  6. Equiping while casting a spell won't fizzle
  7. Disabled spells animations
  8. Spells mantras are now localized
  9. Magic reflection works with fields (fire, poison and paralyze)
  10. Overhead message when changing target
  11. Added empty skin dye bottles sold by provisioner
  12. Blank scrolls and blank maps are now craftable with carpentry
  13. Added new fame notoriety titles (Lord/Lady at 10000, Baron/Baroness at 20000, Count/Countess at 30000, Duke/Duchess at 40000 and Emperor/Empress at 50000)
  14. Maximum fame is now 55000
  15. Display how much time left before being able to drink another potion.
  16. Button to generate regions spawns added in .admin gump.
  17. Boat keys are now blessed.
  18. Can't steal more than 2000 gold.
  19. Stealing takes minimum 4 seconds.
  20. Meditation can gain on fails when below 30.0.
  21. Spawned young dungeon.
  22. Added young only region.
  23. All types of leather (regular, studded, spined, horned and barbed) can be dyed with a leather dye tub.
  24. Backpacks, bags and pouchs can be dyed with a leather dye tub.
  25. Shout messages from players are yellow.
  26. Shout messages from staff are prefixed by [Staff] and are orange.
  27. Chat configuration moved to external file.
  28. Fixed armor rating on new armors

0.0.5 (2019-02-03)[edit]

  1. Players are not revealing while looting corpse (invisibility spell/potion only)
  2. Skill gain chance is reduced by 50% on failed attempt
  3. Skill gain chance is shown on crafting gump
  4. Crafting feedback message will be displayed in sysmessage (still shows in gump)
  5. Compiler now uses a single patch file (version number is inside now)
  6. Added multis to the compiler
  7. Maximum items in bank increased to 2000 (from 125)
  8. Small forges removed in ninos
  9. Archer mobs now have a bow and arrows
  10. Fire/Ice dungeons achivements fix
  11. Fire breath from dragon mobs won't kill players across the map
  12. Sysmessage when trying to use/equip an unidentified item
  13. Target a mobile with Poisoning skill won't crash the server
  14. Dropped items to the world (ex: crafting while overweight) will stack
  15. Active meditation buff will display correctly on the buff bar
  16. Summoned mobs from magery eighth circle will respond to command
  17. Added missing ladders in various places in the world
  18. Using bandages will reveal the player
  19. Launcher now generates a log file
  20. Sysmessage when meditation stops
  21. Added monster levels on some creatures
  22. Items in bank are now equipable with a double click
  23. Lumberjacking can now gain on the test center
  24. Disable the "Report murderer" gump - kills are always reported
  25. A player will now be grey to another player after commiting a criminal action
  26. Scroll of alacrity won't make a skill gain above cap
  27. Conflagration potions do not affect players
  28. Doors - you can only open doors near the same Z level as you.
  29. Doors - fixed bug with multi doors opening twice
  30. Imported Thebes Islands and Frostbite Bay from CFUO
  31. Imported various tournaments arenas from CFUO