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The achievement system, a feature that is inspired from World of Warcraft, provides you an opportunity to earn rewards, such as gold, titles, and other unique items through completing achievements. You will also earn points as you progress, giving you an opportunity to show off your characters progression and overall rank. Will you be the player that complete every achievement?



You can access the achievements screen by single clicking your character to open a context menu. You will find the achievements entry for your character. Similarly, you can view another players achievements by clicking their character.


Achievements are organized into categories and subcategories. Certain achievements or categories may not be displayed because they have yet to be discovered.









Achievements come in many different verities and trigger automatically when the requirements have been met. Your progress can be examined by opening the details pane, if it is available. On the first image, clicking on the highlighted button would expand the pane, as shown on the second image. Achievement progress may be detailed differently through checkmarks, progress bars, numerical counts, or progressive stages (third image, at bottom). 

In addition, certain achievements will display a player's name with a crown (third image, left side). This indicates the current leader or the first player to complete that achievement.


Rewards are visible when opening the details pane as described above. When you hover over a particular reward, a tooltip will display to provide additional information, such as it's name, quantity, title, or other properties. All item based rewards will be automatically dropped in to your bank.